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Wedding First Dance packages

Give It A Whirl! 

Individual Lessons £55/hr.

If you just want to get comfortable moving around the dance floor together or want to learn a couple of snazzy moves, then individual lessons may just be what you need to give a little polish to your spin round the tiles.

Lead & Follow

3 Lessons  4.5 hrs
(1.5hrs. each)

Get the celebration started! . You'll set the tone with a segment of choreography to a portion of your song.  If you're feeling  ambitious, and have time to practise you could even finish the whole tune!

Duet to Remember

5 Lessons 7.5 hrs
(1.5 hrs. each)

The whole kit and caboodle! Full song choreogphed just for you. Tell your love story with your moves to your song.  Include some fancy footwork, and really go for it! Get it just right, down to the fine details and wow your guests. Fred and Ginger mark two!

Wedding Rings and Bridal Crown
Couple Dancing
Gay Couple on their Wedding
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